Recruitment Excellence Employee benefits

Employee benefits

1,The company invests every year to organize the staff to travel a time,the participation object: Company official staffs
2,Spring Festival front organizes the staff to hold every year discardsthe old for the new the recreational activity, the participationobject: All staff
3, Celebrates the Spring Festival new year supper and celebration, theparticipation object: All staff
4, The lunar calendar new year begins the early tea, the participationobject: All staff
Celebration Welfare is set up for celebrating tradition holiday, special days and congratulating staff’s red-letter day. Details as follows,
1, Festival fare: RMB100.00 for female staff (including probation staff) in March 8, Women’s Day. Enjoys the object: Official and probation period staff
2 、Year's end double pay: Lunar calendar in December provides the doublepay. Enjoys the object: Official and probation period staff;

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