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Company Culture

"KING-PAI" business objectives:
"KING-PAI" into the domestic first-class, internationally well-known large-scale
·Display of modern life in the future to open up space
·So do fine professionals grow in size and strength
·Based on the domestic market to open up international markets

"KING-PAI" entrepreneurial spirit:
Innovation and entrepreneurship to strive for excellence
·Professional self-confidence and efficiency of the country in the first responsibility to the people
·The concept of innovation in technological innovation system of innovation management innovation
·For a first-class stresses unity deeds
·First-class technology first-class quality management services to top-class 
"KING-PAI" business philosophy: 
 Advance with the times, and the world into the same, together with the people

 Advance with the times:
   ·The new concept of a new era of new products
   ·Is the time for the market order is effective
   ·One day progress of the new challenges every day

 And the world into the same:
   ·The world the high level
   ·To actively adjust the transformation strain
   ·To catch up with the world's advanced technology and similar products in sync

 Together with the people:
   ·For the benefit of humanity and human progress together
   ·For national rejuvenation and prosperity of the nation together
   ·For the benefit of staff and staff development together


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